Reviews: Projects

'I just wanted to put in an email how brilliant this project has been for us ... there are so many positives.'

'Thank you all SO much for this morning and the whole project. It was really fab!!!  We had a cake and feedback session when we got back to school, and they were all buzzing so well worth all of your efforts... Do let me know if you have any other things planned in the future and I'll gladly be on board.'

I cannot thank you enough for the most brilliant day of music. Every time I stuck my head into the hall the children were laughing, smiling, dancing and joining in and the buzz back in their classrooms was fantastic. The teachers echoed this and said it was the best workshop they had participated in. Thank you!! 

'This is wonderful! The children will be so excited to perform this. Thank you for your creativity in putting this together.'

'The kids have loved it and they were so looking forward to you coming back.'

'It’s a really good process... it shows them how to make the structure of a song and to think about the structure of the song and how to create it... they were all quite fascinated by that, the fact that that’s how we did it and that’s how the song was made.'

'It just helps us to build that depth in our curriculum.'

Reviews: Productions

'The magic in The Trilobite emerges in the mixing of the musicians, the singers and the sound effects. Using sound processing software for this opera, Jones creates, for example, the rush of air as Mr. Williams falls through space; water running through sand; a journey in a car through the pouring rain, and voices of complaining sixth formers. This is music of a different kind — a rich subtext to the dramatic events taking place' -

'Elfyn Jones’ timely little one-woman opera Vicky and Albert taps directly into modern loneliness with an unerring eye for detail and lashings of deliciously bitter humour' - 

'An atmospheric sound-design evoking the bleak beauties and scudding clouds of the Welsh landscape anchored by a trio of clarinet (plus bass clarinet, used to great effect), cello and harp that subtly imposes the human element of anguish and passion, and, through Jones’s skilful harp-writing, an instantly recognisable Welshness' -